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This book started when I was in Bible college over twenty years ago. I had to come to an understanding of predestination, election, freewill, etc. I remember praying that God through the Holy Spirit would teach me the truth in this matter. The reason I prayed that was because of all the material I read on the subject I could not accept the gaping holes they left. How could the Bible teach about man's freewill and then teach he really does not have a choice. Some places it seems salvation offered to all another place to a few. Some passages make salvation settled for eternity and other seem to indicate you can loose it. The Bible is God's word and so all these passages had to work in harmony with one another. Knowing that, I set my heart to understand the truth.

There is one thing I always want to know, and that is the truth! I don't care what my family, friends or church says—I want the truth. Don't misunderstand me, I am not one of those people that can't learn from others or study other people's ideas. I am just not going to accept something just because I am supposed to when it makes no sense.

So after many years of reading commentaries, listening to sermons and asking more questions than most people want to hear. I sat down and wrote this book on my findings. I really believe that in this book you will have more questions answered, more understanding of salvation than you had before. Read this book and God's perfect plan of salvation will be clearer and make more practical sense.

A Fair Election helps to answer these question
  • Can I lose my salvation?
  • Does man have a free will?
  • If I can't loose my salvation, then what will happen if I sin?
  • What is Lordship Salvation?
  • What is a disciple and do I have to be one to be a Christian?
This book is full of easy to understand illustration.

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